Welcome to Illuminated Funds Group

Illuminated Funds Group Inc. is a family of sustainable venture capital-type funds. The funds were conceived in response to the expanding acceptance to investing with a triple-bottom line approach: The creation of positive financial, social, and environmental benefits.

Each fund will incorporate an element of sustainability, social responsibility and/or have at its core the mission and value set of its unique investor base. These funds will truly meld social and financial returns.

Venture capital funds can be a powerful creator of value. Investing at the venture capital stage presents investors with a tremendous potential for upside growth. This is clear for the financial side, but the societal and environmental sides have the same potential.

Portfolio companies are given the same mandate from the Illuminated Funds Group: Each is a steward of the community. Each has a responsibility to partner with other stakeholders to build a better place. This might take the form of products, services, or other company deliverables, but it must occur.

A socially-conscious company seeded with venture capital, employing 5 people, will grow into an economic engine for the surrounding community, employ 100's, increase the tax base, inspire others, and strengthen the societal fabric.

Illuminated Funds believes that companies that perform in this manner will create exceptional returns.

The core philosophy of the Illuminated Funds management team is that there is enough opportunity for smart entrepreneurs, and the best operators will be rewarded, assuming normal market cycles. The glass is more than ½ full. After a portfolio candidate's management has identified expanding markets, they must have the courage to collaborate with all stakeholders early and often. This concept of a free exchange of ideas in a plentiful market will yield additional opportunity and perspective, creating additional return.

In real estate for example, Illuminated Funds management will solicit the community leaders in each jurisdiction where portfolio companies are selected to make sure that the community in included in the process. Their input will result in new opportunities, not necessarily foreseen in the traditional approach.

Illuminated Funds firmly believes that this type of relationship building will achieve superior long term results.