Illuminated is business advisory firm catering to clients that value a double bottom line approach.

Illuminated can craft strategies, implement policies, and source investments that, in turn, combine and achieve the right blend of client identified social and financial return targets.

Illuminated also invests for its own account. To be considered, these companies must pass rigorous investment criteria, including:
  Acting as a steward of the community.
  Accepting the responsibility to partner with other stakeholders to grow societal infrastructure.
  Understanding that business is not a zero-sum game; there is plenty of opportunity for all.
  Creating both financial and social returns.
  Priority to women owned and led businesses.


he core philosophy of Illuminated is that the community has a seat at the table. We know there is abundant opportunity for smart entrepreneurs, and the best managers will be rewarded. After a portfolio candidate’s management has identified new or expanding markets, the managers must have the courage to collaborate with all stakeholders early and often. This concept of a free exchange of ideas in a plentiful market will yield additional opportunity, perspective, and resources, thus creating additional returns.

Illuminated has found that this type of relationship investing achieves superior long-term results, for both clients and the common good.