Representative Portfolio Companies

Alliance Reentry Centers

Bessemer, Alabama

Alliance Reentry Centers offers services to recently incarcerated individuals. ARC provides housing, good-paying jobs, training transportation, banking, and connectivity to those just released from prison. Recidivism rates for participants in ARC programs is more than 60% less than traditional reentry modalities. ARC does this at zero taxpayer expense.

Scottsdale, Arizona offers a chat bot solution to the health care industry. marries artificial intelligence with customer and insurance data to create a much more efficient first step for customers looking for health care services.

Climate First Bank

Climate First Bank – Financial Services

St Petersburg,  Florida

Climate First Bank is a full-service community bank offering personal and commercial banking services while managing to a triple bottom line of peopleplanet, and prosperity. The Bank will prioritize financing that helps to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Green Builder Media – Sustainable Construction

Cincinnati, Ohio

Green Builder is the largest construction magazine in the U.S. Has online certification, research & consulting, and specialty construction projects as three additional divisions.

Ketos – Water Management

Milpitas, California

Ketos delivers an integrated, cloud-based, unmanned solution for actionable water intelligence. The Ketos system offers affordable, real-time analytics through patented hardware, secure connectivity and a robust intelligent water management system which allows customers to control and optimize one of the most precious resources in the world – water.

Pyx Health – Mobile Healthcare

Tucson, Arizona

Pyx Health is a mobile healthcare solution that reduces loneliness and social isolation by connecting patients to resources outside of the traditional healthcare setting. By providing critical and timely interventions, Pyx takes care of patients when they are most vulnerable.

Rivia Health

Phoenix, Arizona

Rivia Health unscrambles the collection process for small- and intermediate-sized health care providers. Rivia’s streamlined solution shortens receivable aging, improves the top line, and significantly undercuts predatory lending activity.

Social Imprints – Marketing Supplies

San Francisco, California

Social Imprints sells marketing materials (t-shirts, coffee mugs, memory sticks, or just about anything) on which a customer may place their logo or message. Social Imprints employs, nearly exclusively, ex-substance abusers, and has a robust, effective plan to re-integrate this population back into society.

Representative Investments with the Futuro Fund at Chicanos Por La Causa:

Good 4U Organics

Chandler, Arizona

Good 4U produces multiple lines of organic lotions, creams, and salts for distribution into the beauty markets.

Old Wood

Las Vegas, New Mexico

Manufactures custom end grain mesquite flooring for an international customer base; and produces pinon firewood for regional distribution.